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and learn how to MASTER your bladder urgency

Who: This class is for you if you experience strong, uncomfortable and difficult-to-control urges to use the bathroom, and/or you go to the bathroom more frequently than every 2 hours, or more than 8 times per 24-hour day. You may or may not experience leakage on the way to the bathroom.

What: This 4-week course will teach you powerful strategies to help you retrain your bladder and regain control on the way to the bathroom.

Where: Online! Attend weekly online live Zoom instruction where you can ask questions and participate in class with others who understand your struggle with your bladder. Recordings of each class will be available for those who can't attend.

When: Purge the Urge is on track to be completed in late July 2022. 🗓️ I will keep you posted by email. Be sure to send my your time and day preferences for the live Zoom classes!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an active bladder infection or have significant pelvic or back pain, please contact me before enrolling.

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